Clydesdale ponies are used for draft, maybe not to possess operating

Clydesdale ponies are used for draft, maybe not to possess operating

dominance* (DAHM from inside the ins) letter. controlling or becoming in charge; power • On the ninety% of all the some one inform you prominence of the right-hand. • Inside the a pride from lions, dominance is often demonstrated by the premier male member of your classification. principal (DAHM inside the uhnt) adj. workouts authority or determine; ruling; prevailing; handling • While it try a close phone call, the fresh new prominent political team into the 20th-century U.S. presidential government are Republican. • The latest principal grape variety on the Bordeaux area for France are the fresh cabernet sauvignon. • The brand new York Yankees is the dominant top-notch basketball group regarding in history. [Syn. preeminent]

donation (doh NAY shin) letter. step 1. the newest operate from giving; 2. a gift or sum so you can a charity • Contributions out-of practical dresses will always be of good use. • Maribel always makes a contribution to your Lung Association. • Donations on February out-of Dimes lead to a great vaccine to own polio. [Syn. present]

draft (DRAFT) n. step 1. an attracting otherwise draw from an automible otherwise weight; 2. a drinking of liquid to your mouth area; drinking; step three. a crude otherwise first outline regarding a graphic otherwise a piece regarding creating; 4. an atmosphere newest inside an area; 5. the fresh new opting for of individuals for some certain mission -vt. to complete the a lot more than -adj. employed for all a lot more than • • • • •

Shakespeare penned drafts of all of the their performs, over and over repeatedly

Nora took an effective write out of the lady cup of resources alcohol. Is it possible you getting an effective draft during the right here? George replied his party’s write to run to possess workplace. [-ed, -ing; draught, British spelling]

drub (DRUHB) vt. step one. to beat, like with an adhere or pub; thrash; 2. so you’re able to defeat peacefully inside a fight, contest, an such like. • The tried-and-genuine technique for cleaning a rug in the 19th millennium are to hang they more a rope and you will drub they along with their you are going to. • The brand new Mets were given an enthusiastic eight-to-that drubbing of the Braves. [-sleep, -bing] [Syn. thrash]

duplicity (doo PLIS i tee) letter. double-dealing; hypocritical wise otherwise deceit • The newest Greek military been able to capture Troy by the duplicity from covering up troops on the sculpture away from a pony. • Extremely dictators stay static in strength by way of duplicity, and then make their some body trust they’ve been carrying out other than he or she is. [duplicitous adj., duplicitously adv.]

Elizabeth eccentric* (ek SEN trik) adj

dwelling (DWEL ing) n. residence; house; abode • Specific Local Us americans lived-in cliff dwellings. • Many southwest homes are made from adobe-a kind of clay offered around.

Short Opinion #29 Match the keyword from column dos with the keyword out of column step one that means most nearly the same. 1. divisive

step one. without having the same cardiovascular system; dos. nearly rounded in form or motion; step 3. deviating about norm, as in choices; odd; strange • If one circle are drawn in to the another and they are not concentric, they must be peculiar. • A football try from an eccentric shape. • Unless individual that gowns into the a yellow wig that have coordinating suspenders and you can oversized footwear was an effective clown, he/she needed to be entitled more than a beneficial section eccentric. contemporary (ek LEK tik) adj. step 1. taken from certain provide, systems, or doctrines; dos. made up of content gained out of different provide, possibilities, etcetera. • An excellent historian collects their information from modern present rather than just you to definitely. • Contemporary ‘s the best possible way to spell it out the earliest servers, that have been produced from cleaner hoses and you can many different condensers and you can resistors. ecological* (ek uh LAH ji kl) adj. having to do with the newest interactions ranging from way of living some thing and their ecosystem or a particular system and its ecosystem • The fresh new plant life and you will pets you to inhabit and you may as much as a lake has their own intertwined ecological subsystem. • Metropolitan sprawl’s environment effect is demonstrably noticed in the fresh new visibility out of deer and you can bears into the residential district roads. monetary (ek uh NAH mik) adj. step 1. writing on the treating of money, expenses, an such like. of children, business, society, or regulators; 2. towards development, shipping, and consumption of wide range; step three. worried about the information presented needs men and women; -pl. the newest social science that is concerned about the newest preceding • The economic really-are from their household are a major question to your mind of any nearest and dearest. • This new indicator regarding financial symptoms promote a learning out of how well the nation’s economy has been doing. • Mans main economic demands try up to it will take getting them to real time conveniently. • Business economics is the societal science dedicated to the study off also have and demand. [-ally adv.]

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